Designer Magnetic Phone Holder

Your phone always in instant reach, in your bag, in your car, in your home or office.

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Bagnetique Magnetic Phone holder
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Phone, keys, lipstick, more: always in instant reach.  No more digging!  No more searching!


Easy and elegant handsfree in the car.   Use also on the visor, or on the backseat for kids!


Stick on any wall or surface. The glue is removable, reusable, and does not leave residue.   

Always in Reach

WILL NOT harm your phone or cards (see the science!)

Easy to use, Easy to install (see instructions)

Removable, reusable, and won't leave residue (see details)

100% Recyclable packaging (learn more)

Bagnetique is a brand new invention, patent pending: a phone holding magnet for your handbag that also works great in the car, kitchen, home, office.

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What Our Customers Say...

Love these! A great gift idea, just invented. For car, kitchen, office (and bag of course). A gorgeous, useful, original, and affordable solution we all need! I have three!

Rosana Mancuso-Marcello

It seems like such a small thing, but it is incredible how much of a relief it is to always have my phone right there where I left it in my bag, no more panicked searching or missed's bliss!"

Heloise Bow

"Works well and is Super useful!! I recommend this. I use it in my car, in my kitchen, for my keys, and for my jewelry hahahaha! It works well, is handy, and great."

Nina Daisy Aberlein


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