Stress Reduction

Less Stress = More Living: Modern Life is filled with stress, and general anxiety in society is higher than its ever been.  There are so many big philosophical, psychological and societal reasons for this (if you haven't already, read Yuval Noah Harrari's books...or Mark Manson's blog). 

The big problems require big solutions -- Bagnetique is not going to eradicate poverty or solve climate change -- but our overall individual stress levels on a day to day basis are made up of more than just the big stuff.  Little problems and annoyances, like missing a call because you can't find your phone in your bag, trigger a stress reaction and as we pass through the day, these little annoyances build up our overall stress levels to the point where life can become overwhelming.

Bagnetique's objective is to remove at least one common daily annoying little stress.  When you always know where your phone is, and you can always reach it instantly when you have a call, you can be that much more relaxed about everything else.