Women and Business

Bagnetique was invented by a woman, to solve a problem experienced almost exclusively by women, on a daily basis.  The process of creating, launching, and selling Bagnetique, building all aspects of the business from scratch, has raised my awareness of the ongoing challenges for women in business and technology. 

We have come a long way, but there is still a long way to go -- the percentage of women holding patents, women in technology jobs, women researching and working in STEM fields, women entrepreneurs and women owned businesses and business start ups is still drastically lower than men.  It is easier for men to get funding for new ideas, to get promotions in male-dominated workplaces, and of course, to earn far more money than women with the same qualifications in the same position.

This has an impact not only on the business side of the equation, but also on the consumer side -- because most inventors seeking patents and bringing their products to life are men, products that solve women's problems are not nearly as available in the market.  

However, with the unprecendented access to information and technology in today's world, cultural norms are starting to change faster than ever.  The Bagnetique Beleives blog will be gathering and publishing information and statistics, opportunities and challenges, communities and networks.  We want to participate in the global conversation on this subject, to raise awareness and be part of the solution and the movement towards true equality.