Cool Ways to use your Bagnetique

Bagnetique is more than just a phone holder...

Inside your bag, it can also hold your keys, your lipstick, your pepper spray, your coin purse, your tissues, whatever it is you need to have immediately always in reach.  The package comes with a metal plate for your phone, as well as a series of smaller metal disks that you can use to "metalise" anything in your bag -- just stick the disk to what you want to hang on your bag magnet.

Outside your bag, you can use bagnetique as a decorative and useful way to organise so many things in your life.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Car Dashboard Phone Holder: stick your bagnetique to the dashboard of your car to hold the phone in the car for safe, hands-free, and easy access while driving.  And when your phone is not attached, the lovely bagnetique design looks pretty in your car!  If you don't have a flat easy surface on your dashboard, see the Accessories section of our shop for a car vent support for your bagnetique.
  • Entrance way Key hangers: A few bagnetiques on the wall by the entrance to your home makes an easy and convenient spot to drop your keys as you come in and pick them up as you leave.  Keep the surfaces tidy, without dropped keys cluttering them up.  If you have a large family (like I do!) it also works as a "who's in and who's out" board -- each person has their own bagnetique design, and if someone is in, you see their keys on the wall...if not you see their bagnetique decorating the wall.
  • Hang stuff without nails
  • Dirty and no hands phone zones. kitchen cooking, by wall.  Bathroom. by your knitting chair...
  • Hang make up tools around the mirror
  • Kitchen Tools Hanger: Stick bagnetique to the wall behind your kitchen cupboards or cooker, use it to hang spoons, spatulas, scissors etc -- anything you need often and regularly, and with bagnetique you can arrange them all in your own order and exactly where you want them, make the space more beautiful and creative...and more useful at the same time!
  • Kitchen Phone Holder: and when you are cooking, use bagnetique on the backsplash to hold your phone away from all the floury juicy cooking mess -- see your recipes and listen to your music without mucking up your phone!
  • Back Seat Car Bag hanger: apply a metal disk to a bag, and use to keep kids toys tidy and in easy reach in the car.
  • No phone Zone wall phone holder: make an array of bagnetiques on the wall outside any no-phone-zones in the home or office, so people can hang their phones before entering the conference room...dinner table...bedroom...etc.
  • Creative and Styling Coat/Hat hangers: Apply your bagnetiques at different heights on the wall in the entrance to your house, and apply a metal disk to the back collar of your jackets or to the rim of your hats.  Then use your coats to decorate rather than mess!