What if my phone slips off Bagnetique?

Bagnetique is designed to be flexible -- to work in the multiplicity of different environments created by different handbags and different phone types.  It can happen sometimes that you find your phone sliding off the Bagnetique inside your bag. 

This can happen for a few different reasons, and we have developed a fix, available soon, called the "Bagnetique Brake" -- it is a special sticker to attach to the top of the metal plate (or same position on your cover if the plate is under the cover), and it stops the slide of the phone and keeps your phone in contact with the magnet.  Bagnetique Brake will be available soon, and will be included for free with every Bagnetique purchase.  If you already have a Bagnetique, and want the brake, just send us an email and we will give you a code to get it for free!

Here are the most common reasons for slippage, and the Bagnetique Brake will solve all of them:

1) the connection point between your phone and the Bagnetique is too slippery.  this can happen if the weather is particularly cold or there are jumps in temperature. Micro condensation can cause the surface of your metal plate to be more "slippy", and so with movement, your phone could slide down off the Bagnetique. 

2) you have installed the metal plate inside or behind a case that is too thick, reducing the magnetic attraction.

3) your phone is especially heavy