How Bagnetique Works

Inside Bagnetique's beautiful decorative frame there are 6 small powerful neodymium magnets that spread a strong magnetic hold across the surface of the Bagnetique.

A metal plaque (included) attached to the back of your phone (or inserted in the phone case) makes your phone magnetically active.  There are also small disks you can attach to anything else non-metallic that you want to keep in easy reach, like lipsticks, earbuds cases, tissue packets, etc.

When you drop your phone in the bag, near the bagnetique, the magnet will grab it with a "clunk" and your phone will be securely held in place inside your bag -- easy to reach when you need it and easy to put it back in place when you are done with it.

Bagnetique is easy to install in your handbag, and does not need any permanent pins or fixtures -- you can remove it from your bag whenever you want without leaving any sign it was ever in your bag.

You can install Bagnetique in whatever position is most comfortable for YOU.  Use the embedded clip to hang Bagnetique from an inside pocket, and it is instantly installed without any use of the adhesive.  But if you don't want Bagnetique on your pockets, you can install it anywhere in your bag using the semi-permanent and removable adhesive backing. (see installation instructions for how to install in your handbag)