What is Bagnetique?

Bagnetique is a revolutionary new product, born to solve a very common problem that most women go through many times a day.  It is global patent pending, PCT/IB2021/050729 (CAyer.PCT001) .

How many times a day does your phone ring and you search and curse and pull out old tissues and sunglasses and receipts until its too late?  How many missed calls? How many little stresses piling up until its all one big stress mess? 

Bagnetique is a phone holder magnet device, designed to attach to the interior of your handbag.  Once in your bag, it keeps whatever you need always in instant reach.  It is conceived as a phone holder, but can also be used to hold keys, lipstick, pepper spray, whatever it is that you need to have in quick and easy reach inside your bag.

Bagnetique will not harm your phone! (learn more)

Your Credit Cards are safe in a wallet (learn more)

The surface is a soft touch material that won't scratch your phone (or anything else in your bag), printed with a variety of beautiful designs to go with any bag interior and fit your personal style.  

Inside, Bagnetique is more than just any old magnet.  It is 6 small neodymium magnets that are purposely chosen to, together, provide a magnetic field strong enough for your phone without damaging your phone electronics or demagnetising your cards.  Cards should not come into direct contact, but are safe in a wallet.
How does Bagnetique attach to my bag? (see installation instructions)

On the back is a special glue that will leave no residue when removed, and it will not harm your bag.  Use the glue backing to attach the bagnetique wherever you want it in your bag -- put it exactly in the spot your hand first touches when you reach in your bag, and you will be able to grab your phone one-handed, and toss it back in again, without even looking at your bag.

Embedded inside the device is a removable clip -- use this as a lever for one-handed removal of your phone when it is glued in your bag, or use the clip to hang bagnetique on the pocket of your bag to install without using the glue.  Used this way, you can also easily move your bagnetique from bag to bag.

If you remove the clip entirely, Bagnetique becomes a beautiful decorative magnet to use in the home and car -- use the backing adhesive to stick on the wall by your front door to hold your keys.  Use it to hold your phone in the car, for handsfree use that doesn't make an ugly eyesore on your dashboard.  Use it to hold your phone on the kitchen backsplash, letting you look at recipes or listen to music or facetime with your bff while you cook without getting your phone full of flour and gunk.  And so so much more, hanging pictures without nails, jewelry or make up tools by your mirror, phone by your bed but raised so you don't get radiated in your sleep...and so on and so on!

Our handbags are extensions of our lives, they carry all the necessary stuff...and a lot more.  And in the infinite variety that is the contents of our bags, the important stuff gets lost.  

Bagnetique can eliminate at least one of life's little stresses.  And less stress means better living.


many different beautiful designs


just toss your phone near the bagnetique, and it will stick tight and safe


Use the clip to install bagnetique without glue


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