2. Clip it in your bag


This is a great method if you change bags regularly, and want to move Bagnetique from bag to bag.

1. Insert the clip with JUST THE BUMPY end inside the channel, and push all the way in, as far as you can. 

(If you have trouble inserting the clip all the way, press hard with your thumb on the top of the bagnetique while pushing it in -- see this troubleshooting page: Troubleshoot the clip insertion)

2. hang with the clip on the inside pocket or opening of your handbag, pushing down as far as you can.  If your pocket material is thick, you may want to bend/squeeze the back of the clip down inside the pocket, so it sits as flat as possible.  The clip is made to be relatively bendy and flexible, so don't be afraid of bending it to suit your bag!