The world's first Magnetic Phone & Key Holder...for your bag!

No More Digging, no more searching, no more stress, no more frustration.

Bagnetique Classic

10 elegant designs, the first we ever made!

Bagnetique Pride

8 fantastic Pride designs, something for everyone

Bagnetique Christmas

The perfect gift for a special someone

What you need most, always in INSTANT reach

✅ Easy to use, Easy to install 
✅ WILL NOT harm your phone or cards 
✅ Strong magnetic hold, even when in motion
✅ Removable, reusable, and won't leave residue
✅ 100% Recyclable packaging

See How it Works!

More than just your bag...

Use Bagnetique also as:

👉 Car phone holder: Stick on the dash, and have safe handsfree in the car

👉 Kitchen phone mount: Stick on the backsplash and use your phone while cooking.

👉 Mount Anywhere! Keys at the entrance, tweezers in the bathroom, pins on the sewing machine -- use it anywhere to keep what you need in easy reach.

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Don't just take our word for it!

Here's what our customers say...

Love! Love! Love!

"received 3 of these and Not only are the pictures reflective of what you get, they are so practical! I gave one to my sister and she also loved it! For her, with 2 kids, being able to grab her phone is essential! Wonderful product. I highly recommend!"

— Christine Cote, Ottawa, Canada

Fabulous Invention!

"Small, functional and pretty too! I use one in my purse to hold my keys in place as I have a rather large bag. Another I use for my phone... It works exceptionally well, and I am very very happy with mine. Thank You!"

— Jennifer Severeide, Oregon, USA

So Handy!

"Works well and is Super useful!! I recommend this. I use it in my car, in my kitchen, in my bag ... for my keys, phone, and even for my jewelry, hahahaha! It works well, is handy, and great."

— Nina Aberlein, Brescia, Italy


Free shipping to Italy, Canada, UK and EU. And if you don't love it, we'll give you your money back, guaranteed.