Bagnetique was invented by Christina Ayer (patent pending worldwide: PCT/IB2021/050729 ), in her home in Northern Italy, born out of her personal experience and frustration.

As a mother of 4, entrepreneur and small business owner, she needed to stay in touch all the time.  A missed call from a child that needs a lift, or a client that needs assistance, could spell disaster. And constantly digging in her bag for her phone was a continual stress and anxiety.

Not to mention the other stuff -- searching for your keys when your hands are full of shopping, a kid pulling on your skirts, traffic honking behind you.  Spilling the coffee you are carrying while trying to get out your lipstick and answer the phone at the same time...

After a bit of observation, Christina realised "its not just me" - as she saw women struggle with this problem everywhere, at the coffee shop, on the bus, in the parking lot.  

Our lives are more busy and hectic than ever before, and we all deserve solutions to the little daily problems that cause us stress and frustration. 

 And when she realised this...she said, "RIGHT!  let's solve this problem!". 

The concept and first idea was born in 2015, and it has been bubbling and percolating on Christina's project stove for many years, with many variations on the concept and design, a long road with the patenting process, prototype development, manufacturer selection, and so on, before finally coming to its current state and being truly ready.

Bagnetique was first launched on Kickstarter in November of 2020, and started going out to customers in winter of 2021. 

It is a brand new baby, and a micro-entity, run and managed entirely and directly by Christina herself.  

Christina is an inventor, an artist, and an entrepreneur, and she has built and run many successful start up enterprises over the years.  She is also an accomplished artist, a hobby permaculture farmer (with an off-the-grid small holding) and has a busy family life.

All of Christina's business projects, Bagnetique included, are characterised by vibrant creativity combined with down-to-earth practicality. And all have been projects in leading edge innovation, always taking new steps and forging new paths in the marketplace.

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