Bagnetique is a brand new and exciting product from inventor, entrepreneur and artist, Christina Ayer.

As a mom of 4 and a successful business owner, Christina needs to be constantly in touch, and the struggle of digging in a bag for a ringing phone was a daily and repeating frustration. She realised that if this problem was driving her crazy, it was probably driving a lot of other women crazy too.

So she started watching, and started seeing this same problem happening to women everywhere, all the time.

Christina noticed the frustration, annoyance, stress on their faces as they tried to balance coffee cups and shopping while digging for keys. She saw the mounting panic as they pulled out tissues and receipts and crayons searching desperately for a ringing phone.

She observed that these women, without even realising it, were having an experience that made them feel inadequate, disorganised, and out of control. That experience, repeated and reinforced multiple times per day, was capable of undermining a woman's confidence and self esteem on a much broader scale.

And so Christina pulled back her hair, tied it up in her “inventing scrunchie”, and set to work to create a solution.

The result was Bagnetique: a designer phone holding magnet especially engineered to work inside a handbag. It keeps your phone, keys, lipstick...whatever you need most...always in instant reach inside your handbag – No More Searching. No More Digging.

After over a year of research, development, design, prototyping, testing, testing and more testing, Bagnetique was ready. It was successfully launched on Kickstarter in November 2020, and is just at the beginning stages of integrating into retail shops and wholesale distribution.

Yes, Bagnetique is about convenience. Yes, it's easy. Yes, it's beautiful and fashionable and cool. All of that.

But Bagnetique's real brand values are about helping women feel good about themselves. About eliminating the stresses that we can, so we have more strength and energy to face those that we can't. About taking control over the things that frustrate us and not letting the chaos of our busy lives undo us.

Bagnetique is patent pending worldwide, and is utterly unique in all the world.


Christina Ayer is an inventor, an artist, and an entrepreneur, and she has built and run many successful start up enterprises over the years.  She is also an accomplished artist, a hobby permaculture farmer (with an off-the-grid small holding) and has a busy family life. 

All of Christina's business projects, Bagnetique included, are characterised by vibrant creativity combined with down-to-earth practicality. And all have been projects in leading edge innovation, always taking new steps and forging new paths in the marketplace.

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