Christina Ayer

Christina is an inventor, an artist, and an entrepreneur, and she has built and run many successful start up enterprises over the years.  All of Christina's business projects, Bagnetique included, are characterised by vibrant creativity combined with down-to-earth practicality. And all have been projects in leading edge innovation, always taking new steps and forging new paths in the marketplace.

She started her first business in London in 1995, a cutting edge web design and marketing consultancy. Christina was building websites and advising very important brands on Internet marketing strategy (like Motorola, Marks & Spencer, and others) before most people even knew what the world wide web was!  The business was sold in 1999 to a multinational investment group, and floated on the London Stock Exchange in January 2000 as RTS Networks PLC.

After a few years as Managing Director for the London office and then International Marketing Director for the whole group, Christina retired from RTS and in 2002 started what was meant to be a small and easy lifestyle business in mosaic art and mosaic art materials.  She brought her background in new marketing technologies into the milleniae old market of mosaic art, and was the first in Europe to make a wide variety of mosaic tiles and tools available online. The results reverberated across the mosaic world.  Highlights include working as the mosaic cladding expert working for the Abraj Al Bait clock tower project in Mecca. Built in 2008, this is the largest single mosaic art installation in the world, with over 40,000 square meters of mosaic, mostly 24k gold. And in 2015, Christina and her team created the handcrafted marble mosaic flooring for the new exhibition road gallery of the Victoria and Albert museum in London.

In 2010, Christina noticed the increased interest in the new concept of holidaying in private homes, and simultaneously noticed that the tourist industry on Lake Garda was well behind the times with this new trend.  She started Holiday Garda, a specialist agency in high end luxury villa holidays, in 2011, and was joined by 2 local partners.  The business grew from 3 to 30 villas in a few short years, and by 2019, Holiday Garda was known as the premier agency on Lake Garda in the niche "luxury" holiday villa market. 

With the first crude prototypes finally in hand, Christina left Holiday Garda at the end of 2019 to concentrate on Bagnetique full time, and here we are...!

Bagnetique is based in Nothern Italy, near lake Garda, where Christina lives with her husband and four children.