Bagnetique's special Glue

Bagnetique's special glue is removable and reusable, and will not leave residue or harm the surface it was attached to.


You can reactivate the glue by running it under very hot water, rubbing the glue pad until it starts to feel tacky again, dry it and install it on a smooth surface like a wall or the plastic of your car dashboard.  It will never be strong as it was originally, so test the hold before you hang anything breakable on it!  You cannot use rejuvenated glue to re-install in your bag -- the glue will never again be strong enough to stick reliably to fabric.  To re-install in your bag, replace the glue with the replacement glue pad included with your bagnetique.


1) GLUEING YOUR BAGNETIQUE IN PLACE IS THE  BEST WAY TO INSTALL IT! When it is glued in place, you can position it exactly where your hand reaches into your bag.  It is also easier to keep it higher up in your bag, where it can't be bumped and interefered with by other things frolicking in the bottom of your bag.

2) USE THE CLIP AS A LEVER TO REMOVE YOUR PHONE FROM THE MAGNET WITHOUT PULLING ON THE BAGNETIQUE GLUE BOND.  How to get a glue that is strong enough to stay when you want it to, but weak enough to pull off when you want to?  These two things are in conflict, and simply can't exist together -- it either comes off when you pull it...or it doesn't.  This is where Bagnetique's patent pending clip solution comes into play.  the clip sticks out of the Bagnetique, and is used as a lever -- press back on the lever with one finger and forward on the phone with another, and your phone pops off the magnet without stressing the glue.

So with the lever, you can remove your phone with one hand, without even looking in your bag.

3) Different Bags mean different adhesion: On some types of fabrics, the glue might stick less than on others, or if your lining fabric is particularly loose with lots of give for you to pull on the phone, you may have alot of wiggle room that entices you to pull harder, so the hold is under more stress. Test the adhesion in your bag, and take care not to pull directly on the magnet when removing your phone -- always separate the phone and magnet using the clip as a lever. If your lining fabric is particularly fuzzy and fiber-y, and the adhesion does not work well, switch to the clip on method and clip your bagnetique onto an inside pocket.

What to do if your Bagnetique comes off your bag? The glue is not eternal (it is designed so it can be eventually be removed without leaving residue or harming your bag -- it is not meant to be permanent), and eventually with time and use Bagnetique will come unstuck.  When it does, you can use the replacement glue pad included with every magnet to reinstall it, or you can switch to the clip on method.