About Bagnetique's special glue

BAGNETIQUE IS REMOVABLE:  SPECIAL BACKING GLUE WILL NOT LEAVE RESIDUE.  Bagnetique's special backing glue is designed to be strong enough to hold the Bagnetique to whatever surface you want and keep your stuff in place however much your phone bounces...but it is also weak enough that you can remove it anytime without it causing damage to your bag and without leaving any glue residue on the surfaces.  To get this kind of bond without residue, the glue is slower curing variety of silicone glue -- to work properly, you must leave it to cure before using it: for at least 3 hours in a bag and 15 minutes on a smooth surface like the car dash or kitchen backsplash.


BAGNETIQUE IS REUSABLE: REACTIVATE THE GLUE BY RUNNING UNDER HOT WATER. You can rejuvenate the glue by running it under very hot water, rubbing the glue pad until it starts to feel tacky again, dry it and install it on a smooth surface like a wall or the plastic of your car dashboard.  It will never be strong as it was originally, so test the hold before you hang anything breakable on it! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot use rejuvenated glue to re-install in your bag -- the glue will never again be strong enough to stick reliably to fabric.  To re-install in your bag, replace the glue with the replacement glue pad included with your bagnetique.

REPLACEMENT GLUE PAD INCLUDED: Every Bagnetique comes with a replacement glue pad, so you can peel off the old one and replace with a new one whenever the glue gets tired.