The World's First and Only Magnetic Phone and Key Holder FOR YOUR HANDBAG!

Bagnetique Magnetic Phone Holder

How It Works

Bagnetique is a specially developed super strong magnet that holds your stuff in reach in your bag.

1. Attach inside your bag, clip-on or stick-on

Super easy to install, just clip on to any pocket or rim with the adjustable internal clip. Or stick on with the special backing adhesive (that won't leave residue or harm your bag)

2. Make any item magnetic, and toss in!

Use the included self-adhesive metal discs and plate to make any item magnetic. Then just toss your stuff in your bag near the magnet. Hey presto! its there in instant reach!

3. Use also in the car, kitchen, anywhere

Just remove the internal clip and stick on to any surface to have your phone, keys, more in instant reach wherever you need. Handsfree in the car, in the kitchen, home, office, more.

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