Trouble shooting the clip insertion:

If you want to use Bagnetique with the clip-on method, you must insert ONLY the bumpy end of the clip into the channel, leaving the straight end out on the back of the Bagnetique.

It is important that the bumpy end of the clip is quite tight inside the channel, to keep if from sliding out with gravity and the weight of your phone.  Force is needed to push it in all the way.  To help the clip get all the way in to the channel, apply firm pressure with your thumb to the top of the bagnetique (in the position shown below).

Sometimes the clip can get stuck on the magnets above the channel -- if you can't get the clip in all the way as above, just flatten the curly tip of the clip a little bit, and it will slide in more easily.  To do this, press the curly tip firmly against any hard surface (eg: in the mouth of the channel, against the back of the bagnetique).  Flatten it just a wee bit, and it will no longer get stuck on the magnet seam inside.  See the video below: