How to Use Bagnetique

Step one:  Make your items magnetic...

Attach the metal plate included to the back of your phone.  You can also just slide the plate in between the phone and your cover (if your cover is very thick, it might reduce the magnetism, though -- try it, and if it does not stick strongly to the magnet, stick the plate on the back of the cover).

TIP: Place the metal plate at the TOP half of the back of your phone, this will help it to sit straight on your Bagnetique, and keep it from dangling forward inside your bag.

You can also attach the included metal discs to other items, like lipstick, pepper spray, etc.  The larger metal disc is ideal to attach to big heavy bunches of keys.  (if the hole is too small to slide on your key ring, just tie it on with a twisted piece of wire!).

Step two: Toss your stuff on your Bagnetique!

Now just toss your phone, keys, whatever into your bag near the Bagnetique.  The Bagnetique magnets will grab it and hold it there.


Using Bagnetique outside of your bag

You can also use Bagnetique in the car, in the kitchen, in the house, office, craft room and more.  See this article for some cool ideas on different ways to use your bagnetique!

Using Bagnetique outside of your bag