1a. Install Bagnetique in your Bag


Just clip it on any inside pocket or hang it on the opening rim of your bag. (see more detail and video)



remove the clip and re-insert with both ends of the clip inside the channel -- it will stick out to the side, and you can use the clip as a handle for easy removal of your phone from the magnet. 

Peel off the paper, and press firmly into the position you want it.  WAIT AT LEAST 3 HOURS for the glue to properly adhere to a fabric surface.
 (see more detail and video)


Detailed instructions and videos:


This is a great method if you change bags regularly, and want to move Bagnetique from bag to bag.

Just hang with the clip on the inside pocket or opening of your handbag, pushing down as far as you can.  If your pocket material is thick, you may want to bend/squeeze the back of the clip down inside the pocket, so it sits as flat as possible.  The clip is made to be relatively bendy and flexible, so don't be afraid of bending it to suit your bag!

If you are reinserting the clip after having removed it, make sure you insert the BUMPY END of the clip inside the channel!  It should be very tight inside the channel -- if you have trouble inserting it, press firmly on the TOP of the Bagnetique in the middle, and this will help it get over the inside joints it could be getting stuck on.



2. FIX BAGNETIQUE IN YOUR BAG WITH THE ADHESIVE  -- Bagnetique's special glue won't harm your bag or leave residue. 

This is the most recommended method -- you can position it exactly where your hand reaches in your bag, and it is held high up in the bag, away from interference with other stuff in your bag that could knock it off.

1. Put both ends of the clip inside the channel, so it sticks out and you can use it as a lever to remove your phone very easily and with one hand.

2.  peel off the backing paper and press the Bagnetique firmly in the position you want

3. Wait for 3 hours for the glue to set strongly.