Bagnetique How To's

1. Stick it in your bag

Stick it in your bag with the special backing adhesive, if you want to position it exactly where your hand reaches into your bag.

2. Clip it in your bag

Fix it in your bag with the clip if you want to move it regularly from bag to bag.

3. Make your stuff Magnetic

Use the included metal plate and discs to make anything magnetic, phone, keys, lipsticks, tissues, whatever you want to hang on your Bagnetique

4. Installing Bagnetique in the Car, Kitchen, Home, etc

Bagnetique can be easily installed on any smooth clean surface including: Car Dashboard, or visor, window, seat... Kitchen Backsplash Entrance, wa...

Bagnetique's glue won't harm your bag!

Bagnetique uses a special adhesive, designed to be strong enough to hold the weight of your phone, but weak enough that you can remove it when you ...

Cool Ways to use your Bagnetique

Bagnetique is for more than just your phone...and more than just your Handbag.  Use it for whatever you need to reach easily in your bag, in your h...

Instructions in Other Languages

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